To successfully complete the Talk with Ted simulations, your computer needs to be capable of:

  1. Able to run WebGL technology
  2. Able to access your Microphone
  3. Able to hear audio/sound

Allow Microphone

When you use your microphone for the first time, you will see a pop-up like above. Please click Allow to when you see this.

When you access Talk with Ted you will be taken to a short Tutorial before accessing the scenario (simulation).

During this tutorial (first time) you will see the pop-up asking for permission to use the Microphone AND you can test your microphone by pressing the space bar and speaking.

When you are ready, you can click on the X top-right corner to start the simulation.

Can you see a green message This browser supports WebGL 1? If so, you computer is compatible with WebGL

Please click on the Allow button when the xxx wants to Use your Microphone pop-up appears. Note: You will only need to do this one on the site you are accessing.

Click on the Microphone icon and start speaking. Then click on the Stop microphone icon to stop recording.

After you click the stop microphone icon, your recording should appear on screen under the My Recordings Heading. Click PLAY to listen to your recording.

Note When you are talking to Ted, you will press the space bar on your keyboard to talk.
This test is to confirm your microphone and sound work.

My Recordings